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The electronically stimulated fork vibrates at it’s mechanically Resonance frequency of 125 Hz when the fork is free of the service Material. The resonance is caused by the piezoelectric crystals. One of the Pezos crystals produces a small voltage which is transmitted to the Switching amplifier. If the fork is covered by the bulk material, a Damping effect is produced and the piezo crystal does not produce the Voltage and the amplifier will switch and a corresponding signal output is Actuated. The vibration of the fork has self-cleaning properties. The Light deposit on the container wall does not affect the Operation of the YPL FORK

Principle of Operation

Fast and Easy Installation No Calibration. No effect of Electrical properties of the Service material. High Reliability. Suitable for the highly dusty environment. Field selectable Operation logic. Can be configured either for High or Low Level point switching. Provides economical solutions. Various model not required. Reduces the Inventory cost.


Building industry materials, cement, sand, lime, etc Foodstuff industry, milk powder, flour, salt, food grains, etc Plastic industry, powder, granular etc. Timber industry, Chemical and mining etc.


Process Connection 1 ½” BSP threaded standard / flanged (optional)
Enclosure aluminum
Length 200 mm standard/ Upto3000 mm (as per application)
Micro Switch SPDT/DPDT
Max Temp. 200⁰C
Main voltage 230/110 V AC (+/-15%), 50 Hz or 18-55 V DC 65 to 265 V AC (Optional)

a) 2 sets of potential free C/o contacts rated at 5 Amps, 230 V AC for non-inductive Loads.

b) PNP/NPN with DC Mains

Cable entry 2nos. PG-16
Power consumption 2 VA
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