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To determine the Level of liquid inside a tank, YPL Tubular Level gauge is one of the economical & reliable instruments For it. It is mounted at the side of tank through flange or thread Connection. Liquid inside the tank passes through a transparent Cylindrical glass tube & liquid Level can be physically viewed Through the glass tube and measured by a graduated scale Mounted on the gauge. Level gauges are made in CS / SS/ PP Construction in different centre to centre distance between Mounting flanges or thread connections on the side of tank as per The tank height. These gauges are custom manufactured according To the c-c distance required. Level gauges have a pair of integral Isolation valve for closing liquid flow inlet. PP construction versions Are made with all PP isolation vales & internals. With its economical Price, easy to use & sturdy construction make it widely used Level Indicator for various liquids.


When the liquid level rise in the tank, the liquid also rise inside the Glass tube carrying a graduated scale. The liquid level in the tank Can be conveniently read against the scale.


C-C Distance Upto1600mm in single glass tube
Material Carbon steel/SS304/SS316
Glass Toughened borosilicate
Vent & Drain ½" NPT Drain and ¾" Vent plug or valve as required.
Operating Pressure Upto10kg/cm²
Temperature Upto90⁰C
Scale Stainless steel/Aluminum
Mounting Side-side
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