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THE YPL Level gauges are used for measuring the level in the vessel. These can be used for maximum pressure of Upto150kg/cm² and a Maximum temperature of 400⁰C .constructional features include 2.5 Meter single piece construction with multiple glasses between process Connection. A pair of auto shut off ball check valves in material of Construction carbon steel or stainless steel and polypropylene as optional.

Principle of Operation

Transparent gauges employ two transparent glasses and a liquid chamber. The liquid level is indicated as a result of difference in the transparent Properties of the two media. For water/steam application, an illuminator is Mounted on the rear side of gauge with its light rays deflected upwards into The water column. These enable the observer to see the illuminated surface Of the water as the light rays impinge on the surface of separation between water And steam is reflected back to the eye of the observer. For high temperature Application mica shield is used.

Special feature is that liquid column in chamber is illuminated using illuminators

Max press: 150kg/cm² Max temp: 400⁰C.

Note: in these Gauges, glasses are with four side smooth finished flat surface.

Technical Specification

C-C distance Up to 100”; single piece liquid chamber
Chamber CS, SS304, SS316, polypropylene
Cover plate CS, SS304, SS316, and PP
Flange CS, SS304, SS316, PP
Valve CS, SS304, SS316, PP
Glass Toughened Borosilicate
Connection flanged screwed or socket weld/NPT
Gauge valve auto shut off ball check, off-set pattern Bolted or screwed bonnet.
Drain/vent valve ball type
Fasteners ASTMA-193GrB7/A-194 Gr.2H.
Illuminator 230/110VAC, 50/60Hz, 25/40 Watts.
Glasses size

a) 340x30x17mm

b) 280x30x17mm

C) 250x30x17mm

Note: in multi sections the gap between two sections is Upto10mm.

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