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The YPL TOP MOUNTED FLOAT LEVEL SWITCHES (REED SWITCH TYPE) are highly reliable and a low cost Instrument. It can be used for small tanks as well as large Vessels depending upon individual customer's requirement. It consists of a guide pipe made from SS 304/SS 316, a Magnetic float of SS 316 that moves on the tube with rise and Fall of level. Sealed reed switches are housed in the guide pipe. The switches can be fixed at any position throughout the length Of the pipe. But the position should be defined at the time of order As it cannot be changed at site. The factory set accuracy is +/-5mm. Since it works on magnetic principle, there is no mechanical Connection and hence the chances of any wear/tear, fluid Contaminations are eliminated.

Principle of Operation

The floats are equipped with magnets and the stem pipe Contains hermetically sealed reed switch which activate Or deactivate when float comes in line with it. As the liquid Level rises, the float due to Archimedes principle also floats, Thereby activating the reed switch, in turn activating the Corresponding LED on the electronics. The setting of the Float are factory set and cannot be set in the field as the Reed switch are sealed.


Pipe SS304, SS316
Enclosure Aluminum
Float SS304/SS316
Operating Pressure Upto10kg/cm²
Operating Temperature 100⁰C
Float SS304
Mounting Top internal
Flange details 2”x150# std. (as per requirement)
Flange material carbon steel/SS304/SS316
Specific gravity min. 0.7
Pipe length Upto3000mm
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