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Side mounted level switch are suitable for fitting into tank or Similar vessels for indicating or controlling the level of a liquid. These switches can either be supplied in weather proof housing, Explosion proof housing or for intrinsically safe application.

Principle of Operation

A change of liquid level correspondingly travels the float to Extreme level UP and DOWN. This movement of float in turn Causes a magnet to move into the proximity of micro switch, Resulting in switch actuation.


Maximum Switch Within 18mm of level chance Differential Of liquid at S.G 1
Minimum S.G. 0.5
Switch Housing Aluminum alloy
Electric Connection ½” NPT (other optional)
Maximum Repeatability ±1.5mm
Float & Linkage SS304/SS316
Max. Pressure

A) 15kg/cm² YPL ‘A’ & ‘G’ flanges

B) 100kg/cm² for standard ASA/DIN flanges

Max. Temperature

A) Upto150⁰C without cooling Fins

B) Above 150⁰C with cooling Fins

Minimum ID of Nozzle More than 50mm to enable the float to pass
Maximum ID of Nozzle 160mm
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