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Paddle switch is designed to detect high or low levels of free-flowing dry Solids, such as powders and granules. It is mounted through the wall of a vessel such that the paddle protrudes inside the vessel.


A small electric motor drives the paddle, which rotates freely in the absence of material. Impeded by material the motor will be turned within the housing while loading a spring and triggering two switches. One of them is a dry electric contact for control and alarm functions while the other cuts the power to the motor. When the material level drops, the loaded stretched tension spring returns the motor to its original position and the unit is reactivated.


Enclosure Weatherproof /Flameproof, Cast Al.
Insertion length 150mm to 3000 mm
Mounting Side/Top
Process Connection Flange /Thread
Supply 230 V AC,/110 V AC
Switch Contact SPDT 5A@230VAC
Rotary Speed 1 RPM
Max. Temperature Upto80˚C, others on request (230˚C)
Maximum Pressure Up to 2 Kg/cm²


Appropriate operating torque to suit service material, can be set through adjustable spring inside the housing. Motor operating the paddle is protected from overload by means of magnetic clutch. Flexible spring shaft for absorbing material shocks. Protection shield for horizontal/inclined installation for protection of paddle from material flow/dumping. Two bearing shaft assembly for reduced wear and increased reliability. Ash seal assembly for dusty environment.


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