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The YPL magnetic level indicator bi-color are high performance Instruments for Level Indication. It is a single chamber design with 2" Chamber diameter, as required by the application. There are different Configuration styles, including top mounted models. Magnetic level indicators are produced in a wide range of materials of construction, Including plastics. We also offer one of the most complete selections of Process connection types and sizes as per various standards of the industry. These Level Indicators may be equipped with a variety of level transmitters and switches, as well as, flapper indicators with or without stainless Steel scales. Application are high temperature, high pressure, strong acids, Alkalis & hazard locations, boiler power generation, petro chemical etc.


A Float of compatible MOC, carrying a magnet, is immersed in the liquid And moves due to buoyancy. The movement is conditioned within A SS Float Chamber. External to the Float Chamber is a Glass Tube carrying a Magnetic Follower and an Indicating Assembly consisting of Magnetic strips. The magnet on the Float and the magnet on the Magnetic Followers are coupled to move in unison. When the Float moves along with change in liquid level, the Magnetic Follower moves in unison inside the Glass Tube and SS magnetic strips thereby allowing clear visibility of level.


Installation Side/Top
C-C Distance 300mm to 5000mm
Chamber ǿ60.3mm in ss304/ss316/ss316L/PP
Vent/Drain ½” threaded plug
Process Connection For side mounting -1)25NB/40NB/50NB flanges to BS/ANSI/DIN or ½” / ¾” / 1”BSP/NPT (M/F) Threaded For top mounting -100NB flange to BS/ANSI/DIN
Level Display Bi-color magnetic flapperss304/ss316
Float Mounted For Side mounting- ǿ50mm in ss304/ss316/ss316L/PP For Top mounting- ǿ75mm in ss304/ss316/ss316L/PP
Scale ss304
Max. Temp. 70⁰C (PP) 400⁰ in (SS)
Pressure Upto50kg/cm² (SS) Upto2kg/cm² (PP)
Min. SG 0.6
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