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YPL online type plug (disc) operated magnetic flow switch Are suitable for sensing flow of liquids like oil, chemical or in Water lines. These switches can either be supplied in weather Proof housing.

Principle of Operation

Change in flow through valve body raises or lowers the plug Which causes attraction sleeve to move in the enclosing tube? The increase of flow causes flow plug to lift which causes attraction Sleeve to move up in the field of permanent magnet located outside The enclosing tube, which causes the switch to operate. When the Flow rate drops below the rate for which flow plug is calibrated, A reversal of this action takes place.


Service condensate, oil, liquids
Process Connection screwed NPT or flanged
Sensing Element plug
Temperature 150⁰C
Operating Pressure Upto25kg/cm²
Enclosure Weather proof
Enclosing Tube SS316
Attraction sleeve SS410
Disc & stem SS316
Body bronze/SS316
Electric Connection ½” NPT
Setting accuracy ±25mm

Flow rates water service

Pipe size Increasing rate m³/hr Increasing rate m³/hr
¾” NPT 0.75 0.55
1” NPT 1.25 1.02
1 ½” NPT 2.75 2.00
2” NPT 3.25 2.75
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