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It is an accurate, reliable & trouble free float operation technique used In large non-pressurized storage tank.

Construction & Operation

Guided direct indication: it consist of a float connected to a pointer Through a rope via a set of pulleys. The pointer glides over a calibrated Gauge board, positioned parallel to the tank. The float accurately follows Liquid level variations in vertical direction. The horizontal float movement Is restricted by two guide wires firmly anchored to tank bottom. As such, The pointer is in top position when tank is empty and in bottom position When full.

Applications: liquid storage tank having moderate turbulence and variable Tank height.


Measuring Range 1-2 meter with Ø200mm float 3-5 with Ø300mm float
Float SS304xØ200mmxØ300mm SS316xØ200mmxØ300mm
Calibrated Gauge Board 6” wide aluminum board with graduations & numerical
Least Count 20mm
Max Temp. 150⁰C
Max. Pressure ATM
Float Wire Rope SS304/SS316
Guide Wire Rope SS304/SS316
Installation Ground level tank/ overhead tank

Local Indication

Pointer Powder coated red MS pointer, pointer tip indicates ‘level’
Pulley Assemblies (2nos.) Aluminum pulley with PTFE bush

Protection Conduit

Horizontal Limb GI pipe 25NB x 1000mm (adjustable)
Vertical Limb GI pipe 25NB x 500mm
Spring Tensioned Assay’s Cadmium plated steel spring housed in CI enclosure
Process connection 1”x150# RF flange, other optional
Anchor plate CS, SS304, and SS316
Gauge Board Brackets Powder coated Aluminum
Wire fasteners Stainless steel
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