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External cage type level switches are designed for side Mounting to a tank or vessel with threaded or flanged Pipe connections. External cage side mounting can be Used with isolation valve that allows level switch to Isolate from process that helps during shutdown Maintenance. External Cage mounting is available in Flanged/Socket Weld/Threaded connection as per customer Specifications. Two types of cages flanged cage and sealed cage.

Principle of Operation

The operating principle provides for magnetic switch action Resulting from a change in liquid level, which moves a magnetic Attraction sleeve into field of an externally located magnet. This principle eliminates problems associated with flexing Diaphragm seals below seals as well as coating problems Encountered by probe type devices.


Chamber Material Carbon steel, SS304, SS316
Enclosure aluminum
Min. Specific Gravity 0.5 S.G
Micro Switch SPDT/DPDT
Max Temp. 350⁰C (cooling fins provided)
Max. Pressure 160kg/cm²
Attraction Sleeve SS410
Enclosing Tube SS304
Electric Connection ½” NPT
Drain ¾” NPT
Differential maximum 30mm at S.G 1
Repeatability ±1.5mm at S.G 1
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