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The model CS magnetic switches serve to detect the limits Of filling levels in magnetic level indicators. They generate a binary signal which can be fed to down-stream signaling or Control equipment. Bi-stable versions enable the storage of Signals. The magnetic switches are mounted directly to the bypass level indicator with a tightening strap or to the magnetic Display with sliding blocks.

Special Features

Proper functioning, even under extreme environmental Influences, e.g. dirt, humidity, gases, dust, chips

  • Compact and operationally safe design
  • mounting of the switches with tightening strap or via T-slot At the magnetic display
  • Medium temperatures
  • Versions with reed contact, micro switch Or rotation magnet


Contact Micro Switch
Contact Type 1 change-over contact
Switch Behavior Bi-stable
Switching power 5A 230V AC
Temperature Max. 150 degree C
Enclosure Aluminum
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