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It is a simple, low cost, point level controller designed for detection of Conductive liquids, having low densities, high viscosities, containing solid Particles and interface between nonconductive and conductive liquids.

Principle of Operation

It comprises of a probe, wired to a level controller. The probe Holds one common “Mass Electrode" and one or multiple “Control Electrodes" depending upon the number of levels To be controlled. All the electrodes are suitably insulated to Avoid electrical bridging. The lengths of “Control Electrodes “Correspond to the height of preset level points to be Controlled and the length of the “Mass Electrode" is kept Slightly longer than the longest “Control Electrode". If tank Is conductive, it can be used as a “Mass Electrode". Then number of control electrodes equals number of preset Levels. Level controller houses sensing electronics consisting Of power supply and signal conditioning circuit which provide A “Low AC Voltage" across mass and control electrodes. On Liquid reaching preset level point electrical circuit gets Completed generating a signal which is amplified to actuate A relay, whose potential free contacts are available for, Subsequent operations. On “Level Falling" the circuit breaks, Cutting out the relay.


Enclosure: Cast Al, Weather Proof IP 65
Conduit connection: Weather Proof-Brass 3⁄4" ET (S.C.) 3⁄4 “ET / 1⁄2" NPT (D.C)
Process connection: ANSI, BS, DIN Standard Flange Flange size to suit No. of
Process Conn. MOC: MS or SS304 or SS316
Probe type: Solid (Upto4 meters) Suspended (Upto10 meters)
Electrode MOC: SS304 or SS316
Electrode Insulation: PVC (70°C), PTFE (200°C)
Mass Electrode: One
Control Electrodes: One to Four
Signal Voltage: 6 VAC , 20mA
Resistance 40K (max) between Mass & Control Electrode
Min. Conductivity: 25μS
Max. Temperature: 70°C (with PVC insulation), 200°C with PTFE Insulation
Max. Test Pressure: 5Kg/cm 2 at ambient Temperature
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