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Side mounted level switch are suitable for fitting into tank or Similar vessels for indicating or controlling the level of a liquid. These switches can either be supplied in weather proof housing, Explosion proof housing or for intrinsically safe application.

Principle of Operation

A change of liquid level correspondingly travels the float to Extreme level UP and DOWN. This movement of float in turn Causes a magnet to move into the proximity of micro switch, Resulting in switch actuation.

Side mounted level switch manufacturer


Maximum Switch Within 18mm of level chance
Differential Of liquid at S.G 1
Minimum S.G 0.5
Switch Housing Aluminum alloy
Electric Connection 1/2" NPT (other optional)
Maximum Repeatability ±1.5mm
Float & Linkage SS304/SS316
Max. Pressure A) 15kg/cm2 YPL 'A' & 'G' flanges
B) 100kg/cm2 for standard ASA/DIN flanges
Max. Temperature A) Upto1500C without cooling Fins
B) Above 1500C with cooling Fins
Minimum ID of Nozzle More than 50mm to enable the float to pass
Maximum ID of Nozzle 160mm