Pressure inmdicating conrroller is very versatile, reliable and accurate pressure instrument to satisfy modern process control of liquid, gaseous or vaporous media. JThe instrument senses the pressure of the measured medium directly & display the operating value, compares the measured variable with the set point and gives pneumatic jsignal in the standard range 0.2 to 1kg/ cm2. This outpur pressure actuates the final control element. Automat pressure jindicating Controller may include ON-OFF , Proportional only, proportional with Autromatic Reset( integral), proportional with Auto Reset and PRE-ACT control responses.


The temperature controller utilizes the difference in thermal expansion Co-efficient of two materials to produce a mechanical motion. The sensing Element of the controller is installed in the vessel. Temperature changes Surrounding the element causes the following reactions:

1) The inner metal rod will expand on temperature increase on contract as temperature decreases. The change in length is Proportional to the temperature change occurring.

2) The change in length outer metal tube, which has low expansion co-efficient, is negligible. However since one end is attached To the outer metal tube, the inner rod moves as the outer tube changes length.

3) The opposite end of the inner rod pushes against and supports a floating link, holding it concentric with a spring loaded Inner valve. With a decrease temperature the inner rod applies pressure on floating link. Causing it to pivot around the Adjustment fulcrum point which tilts the inner valve plug of its seat allowing the output signal to increase. The temperature Adjustment knob adjusts the set point by moving fulcrum point up or down.

Technical Data

Body Die cast alumunium with anti corrosive paint
Cover ABS
Degree of protection IP65
Mounting Wall of Panel
Pneumatic Connections 1/4" NPT
Supply air pressure
20± 1.5psi / 1.4 ± 0.1kg/cm2
35± 1.5psi / 2.4 ± 0.1kg/cm2
3-15psi/ 0.2-1kg/cm2
6-30psi/ 0.4-2kg/cm2
Proportional Action Proportional Band 5.....500%
Integral Action 0.05....30rep/min
Dervativ Action 0.05....30rep/min
Dead Band
0.2% of FS
0.3% of FS for 0-150kgf/cm2
Scale Length
1.0% of FS
1.5% of FS for 0-150kgf/cm2
Ambient temperature -30 to + 80°C
Measuring Element Bellows / Spiral
Relative Humidity 10% to 90% RH
Pointer (Process varriable) Red
Pointer (Set Point Value) Green