The float level switch designed for internal mounting through The top of the process vessel. The main advantage of these levels Switches is lower cost. Mounting connection are offered in 1"NPT Optional & in a variety of flange sizes & pressure rating.

Principle of Operation

For single switch mechanism The operating principle provides for magnetic switch action Resulting from a change in liquid level, which moves a magnetic Attraction sleeve into the field of an externally located magnet. The illustrations given indicate the operating principle using a Float or displacer to provide the operating motion. A falling Level causes a downward movement of a magnetic attraction Sleeve moving it below the magnetic field generated by the Externally mounted alnico magnet. The bias spring then causes The magnet to pull away from enclosing tube in turn actuating the switch. The reverse function takes place on rising level with The attraction sleeve being moved into the field causing the magnet to pull in towards the enclosing tube, in turn actuating The switch.

For double switch mechanism The stainless steel magnetic attraction sleeve actuated by the float/displacer is outside the field of the alnico permanent Magnet the switch is in the released position & an electrical circuit is open for (L-C) connection of micro switch the switch Is Held In the released position by gravity and the tension of spring which provides the snap action when the spring operates. When the float/displacer causes the attraction sleeve to enter the field of permanent magnet associated with a given Switches, the magnet swings into contact with the non-magnetic enclosing tube & the switch is then actuated position Of the switch there is a closed electrical circuit between L-C micro switch.


Service Condensation oil & viscous liquids
Specific Gravity Min. 0.6
Pressure Max. 50kg/cm2
Temperature 1500C without cooling fins, 3500C with cooling fins
Differential Max. 30mm from one switch assembly model, 115mm maximum with individual differential Of switch as maximum 30mm for two switch assembly model
Attraction sleeve SS 410
Enclosing tube SS304