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The displacer level switch is designed for internal mounting Throught the top of process vessel and is also furnished with Chamber for external mounting from the process vessel. The Use of displacer as the sensing medium allows for wide switching Differential, field adjustable switching point & use on high pressure Applications. Mounting connection without chamber are offered In 3" flanged standard.

Principle of Operation

Displacer operated level switch offer control featured not found In float operated controls. The basic sensing means utilizes displacer Heavier than the liquid which is suspended from a spring. When the Liquid contacts the displacer to change in turn causing the spring to Seek a new balance position which moves the attraction sleeve into the Field of the magnet. This principle provides for wide switching differential And allows the desired level switching point to be adjusted by moving The displacers up and down the suspension cable. Further advantage Allow for adoption to high pressure application since displacers have Substantial heavier wall thickness than floats and in many cases are Made out of solid materials.

Dual Point Level Switching

DLS02 Model with two displacers and two switches is designed to achieve Narrow (Fixed) differential in sequence at two different point of level. Each switch calibrated for narrow differential and operates in sequence. Minimum upper & lower operating levels from surface of flange are 450mm and 750mm.


Range Upto20 meter
Min. Process Connection 3" flanged standard in MS/SS304/SS316/polypropylene
Differential Max 70mm in S.G 1
Min. Specific Gravity 0.6 S.G
Pressure 50kg/cm2 (maximum) without external chamber
Temperature A) SS & Teflon displacers 1500C
B) Polypropylene displacers 700C
Pressure 100kg/cm2 (maximum) with external chamber
Temperature A) SS & Teflon displacers 1500C
B) Polypropylene displacers 700C
Electric Connection 1⁄2" NPT
Displacer SS304/SS316/polypropylene